Welcome to SPAFAX, the progressive name in automotive safety solutions.

In the same family ownership since its inception, SPAFAX has maintained its position as a leading and uniquely innovative force within the International automotive sector for more than 80 years.

Spafax Automotive Safety Solutions About and History
About - Spafax Automotive Safety Solutions History

Incorporated in 1938, originally as a supplier of consumable commercial vehicle products, a pioneering approach to product research, development, and manufacture rapidly established SPAFAX as a brand synonymous with quality and value, underpinned by exceptional customer service.

As the market-leader, with a network of subsidiary companies in the UK and throughout continental Europe, our innovative philosophy resulted in the introduction of the first SPAFAX shatterproof mirror in 1965, initiating an uninterrupted development programme, which continues today.

About - Spafax History
Spafax Automotive Safety Solutions About and History

In addition to our internationally celebrated range of unbreakable automotive mirrors, SPAFAX offers an extensive range of robust high performance automotive safety solutions, including heavy duty mirrors arms, certified lighting, audio warning systems, speciality lenses and heavy duty, IP69K wireless explosion-proof camera systems.

All of our products are designed for ease of installation, operation and maintenance with a build quality inspiring confidence and ensuring safety and long service life.

The SPAFAX team relishes working closely with its customers worldwide, developing thoroughly engineered, safe and economic solutions that perform.

Spafax Automotive Safety Solutions About and History
World leaders in Unbreakable mirror technology
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Designed from the outset to be unbreakable, the construction of SPAFAX Unbreakable mirrors is unique and is protected by patents throughout the world.

Available in a multiplicity of designs, our unbreakable mirrors provide the ideal solution for almost every commercial vehicleย application. Standard options include remote control operation, heating, with special-order options available for inbuilt camera systems and coloured bodies and clamps.

Engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions, our mirrors last indefinitely. Materials are selected and components manufactured to tolerances commensurate with a truly unbreakable mirror ensuring exceptional and proven performance.

Fit it and forget it. SPAFAX unbreakable mirrors eliminate the need for stock, cut vehicle downtime and can reduce annual replacement costs to nil, whilst promoting a safer working environment.

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