Military Users


Robust, rugged and constructed using self-extinguishing compounds, Spafax mirrors offer unrivalled performance for military users and the security and emergency services.

  • As glass, acrylic and polished steel mirrors continue to be discounted as viable military options due to limited service life and poor performance, Spafax mirrors are increasingly adopted as the obvious economic and safe choice by the world’s military users and Original Equipment Manufacturers.
  • Remaining serviceable under the severest operational conditions, including weapon recoil, ballistic detonation and even direct ballistic impact, a Spafax mirror can work where others can’t and at a fraction of the real cost.
  • The images show the entry and exit points on a Spafax VM100 unbreakable mirror made by two standard military issue 5.56mm bullets, fired from a distance of 40 feet. The mirror continues to reflect a true and bright image and all components remain fully serviceable.

Spafax works closely with military users, security services and specialist vehicle manufacturers worldwide, engineering safe and economic solutions that perform.

Please contact us to discuss your special requirements.

(All Spafax products are NSN numbered and are NATO Approved. Please contact the office for the individual military part numbers and detailed military specifications.)

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