Spafax Unbreakable Mirrors » Won’t break, shatter or splinter » providing the ultimate in safety

Designed from the outset to be unbreakable, the construction of Spafax VM Series mirrors is unique and is protected by patents throughout the world.

Materials are selected and components manufactured to tolerances commensurate with a truly unbreakable mirror and far in excess of a glass mirror. Only materials of the highest quality are selected, ensuring exceptional and proven performance, backed by a ten year guarantee against lens breakage.


The illustration shows the internal construction of the VM100YMK2 mirror. The ribbing within the toughened polypropylene body and the unique polycarbonate skeletal infrastructure can clearly be seen, both engineered to work together to provide enormous strength. The universal clamp is also shown, illustrating the full range of adjustment, securing arms from an industry average of 16mm, to a colossal 46mm in diameter.

The Spafax Mirror lens

Our mirror lenses are manufactured from injection moulded optical grade polycarbonate. Optically perfect and stable in all conditions, day or night, without distortion, Spafax lenses are unbreakable and safe to use. Outperforming glass, acrylic and steel lenses and offering unmatched longevity, our lenses will not discolour and yellow with the effect of Ultra Violet rays present in sunlight. Each lens is sealed and protected by a special coating, which provides scratch resistance and will repel condensation and surface water.

The Spafax Mirror Body

Our mirror bodies are produced by moulding specially toughened UV stabilised low temperature polypropylene and are designed to minimise vibration and to cut down wind buffeting. Unlike rigid metal or easily broken ABS plastic, which are the low-cost options used by other commercial mirror manufacturers, our polypropylene bodies are flexible and are engineered to withstand the harshest operational conditions.

The Spafax Mirror Clamp

The Spafax mounting clamp, in keeping with all Spafax components, is designed and manufactured for longevity and ease of use, ensuring rapid attachment to the widest possible variety of vehicles and equipment. Moulded in UV stabilised GRP nylon, the clamp is available in two sizes, which depending on the model, secures to arms with diameters ranging in size from 10mm to 46mm. Both clamps will also fit 22.5mm square mounting arms.

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