Spafax Unbreakable Mirrors » Won’t break, shatter or splinter » providing the ultimate in safety

Why Spafax?

VM3 Series0008

Spafax VM Series mirrors won’t break, shatter or splinter, providing the ultimate in safety for drivers, operators, pedestrians, service and military personnel.


Fit it and forget it. Spafax VM Series mirrors eliminate the need for stock, cut vehicle downtime and reduce annual replacement costs to nil.


The Spafax VM Series mirrors incorporate a patented universal clamp for easy attachment to almost every vehicle type. Depending on the VM mirror model chosen, the clamp fits round mirror arms with diameters ranging in size from 10mm to 46mm and square arms to 22.5mm. Once fitted the mirrors can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 20 degrees in any axis.

Definition & Reflectivity

The Spafax lens provides exceptional definition with a reflected image that is true and bright. Spafax VM Series mirrors exceed the European minimum standard reflectivity by more than 100%.

Unique & Versatile

Spafax VM Series mirrors are available in a multiplicity of designs providing the ideal solution for almost every commercial vehicle application. Standard options include remote control operation, heating and special order options for coloured mirror bodies.

Build Quality

Engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions, Spafax mirrors last indefinitely. Materials are selected and components manufactured to tolerances commensurate with a truly unbreakable mirror and far in excess of glass mirrors. Only materials of the highest quality are incorporated, offering exceptional and proven performance.

Quality Assured

BSI-Assurance-Mark-ISO-9001-2015-RedSpafax is an ISO 9001:2015 registered and approved company, audited by BSi. Our quality systems embrace every aspect of our operation and are designed to ensure that all products and services offered are characterised by high quality, reliability, durability, safety, ease of use, care for the environment and customer satisfaction.

Environmentally Friendly

The Green Choice

An unbreakable Spafax mirror can last the life of a vehicle and beyond. A glass mirror can last minutes being replaced numerous times, wasting natural resources, generating Co2 emissions and adversely effecting the environment. Caring for our planet and environment has never been more important and as an active partner of the Tree Appeal, Spafax has undertaken a programme of tree planting and conservation with the aim of rapidly achieving carbon neutral status. By choosing our mirrors you are actively helping the environment and ensuring that at the very least, fitting a Spafax mirror really won’t cost the earth.


Spafax VM Series mirrors are guaranteed against lens breakage for ten years.

Can you afford to fit anything else
and why would you want to?