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Welcome to SPAFAX, the progressive name in automotive safety solutions for more than 80 years.

About Us

Incorporated in 1938, originally as a supplier of consumable commercial vehicle products, a pioneering approach to product research, development, and manufacture, rapidly established SPAFAX as a brand synonymous with quality and value, underpinned by exceptional customer service.

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Unbreakable Mirrors

Designed from the outset to be unbreakable, the construction of SPAFAX Unbreakable mirrors is unique and is protected by patents throughout the world.

Available in a multiplicity of designs, our unbreakable mirrors provide the ideal solution for almost every commercial vehicle application. Standard options include remote control operation, heating, with special-order options available for inbuilt camera systems and coloured bodies and clamps.

Engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions, our mirrors last indefinitely. Materials are selected and components manufactured to tolerances commensurate with a truly unbreakable mirror ensuring exceptional and proven performance.

Fit it and forget it. SPAFAX unbreakable mirrors eliminate the need for stock, cut vehicle downtime and can reduce annual replacement costs to nil, whilst promoting a safer working environment.

Lighting Systems

A pioneering commitment to visual safety and product quality. Our Safety Lighting Systems, embracing Beacons, Directional LED’s and Lamps further extends the choice of SPAFAX rugged, high-performance quality visual warning products.

Audio Warning

Our warning alarms include multiple warning messages, programmable messages and white noise. SMART alarms constantly measures the ambient noise, automatically adjusting the sound output accordingly, reducing noise pollution.

Camera Systems

Providing users with reliable, robust and proven vision solutions for a broad spectrum of applications, vehicles and industries. Our tailored camera systems inspire operator confidence, whilst delivering safety and protection for those around.
Going Green

As a manufacturer, we are fully aware of our environmental responsibilities and constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact.

As part of our ongoing environmental activities, we have now partnered with One Tree Planted, a charity which operates extensive tree planting initiatives worldwide. Mirroring our own global reach, their international footprint will allow us to plant trees in an increasing number of our 60 export markets.

As part of our extended tree planting programme, customers purchasing through our e-commerce platform have the option buy a tree at checkout, which we will then match with another. You plant one, we’ll plant one! 

Portuguese Army takes delivery of VAMTAC ST5 4x4 Emergency Response Vehicles
Military and Defence

VAMTAC ST5 4×4 Emergency Response Vehicle

Portuguese Army takes delivery of VAMTAC ST5 4×4 Emergency Response Vehicles Featuring SPAFAX VM100 Unbreakable Vehicle Mirrors URO VAMTAC ST5 in Emergency Response Vehicles configuration for the Portuguese army.  (Picture source NATO) According to information released by NATO on November 24, 2021, The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has delivered the last batch of 139

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Military and Defence

Nurol Makina Yörük 4X4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle

Nurol Makina‘s newest design, Yörük 4X4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle Featuring SPAFAX VM1R Unbreakable Vehicle Mirrors Nurol Makina‘s newest design, Yörük 4X4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle, has a V-shaped monocoque body. The advanced driveline provides the vehicle with fast and high maneuverability in rural and urban areas. It’s low weight and high protection features provide

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SPAFAX Amber Warning Solutions
Safety Solutions

Safety Products

NEW Safety Products from SPAFAX   SPAFAX now offers an extensive range of robust high performance safety products including Certified lighting, Audio warning systems and heavy duty, IP69K wireless explosion-proof camera systems recently launched at this years DSEI 2021. This is in addition to our internationally celebrated range of unbreakable automotive mirrors and heavy duty

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Panda The Landy
Off Road

Panda The Landy

Panda The Landy – Koala’s latest upgrade! 🐨👀 Featuring SPAFAX VM2 Unbreakable Vehicle Mirrors During our camping trip in Scotland last weekend I got the chance to test out the latest upgrade on the 110! The new @spafaxmirrors heated VM2’s! 😃🛠 These mirrors are bigger, stronger and have a more clear image than the original Defender mirrors.

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