Going Green

As a manufacturer, we are fully aware of our environmental responsibilities and constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact.

Against this background, SPAFAX partnered with The Tree Appeal nearly a decade ago. Tree Appeal plants trees in the UK on our behalf to promote biodiversity, creating habitats and improving the environment.

Green Policy - One Tree Planted - Peru

One Tree Planted

As part of our ongoing environmental activities, we have now partnered with One Tree Planted, a charity which operates extensive tree planting initiatives worldwide. Mirroring our own global reach, their international footprint will allow us to plant trees in an increasing number of our 60 export markets.

As part of our extended tree planting programme, customers purchasing through our e-commerce platform have the option to buy a tree at checkout, which we will then match with another.

You plant one, we’ll plant one! 

For more information visit: One Tree Planted.

Add a tree to your order

Greener Product

Not just a sound economic choice, the SPAFAX mirror is also by definition the right environmental choice. Unbreakable, a SPAFAX mirror can last the life of a vehicle and beyond. A glass mirror can last minutes, being replaced repeatedly, a burden to the operator to say nothing of the environment. By choosing a SPAFAX mirror in place of a breakable glass alternative, you are supporting our proactive green initiatives and actively helping the environment.

Please consider the environment before fitting a breakable glass mirror.

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