Coach & Bus Week Issue 1345

Coach & Bus Week Issue 1345 5th June 2018

Read the article in Coach & Bus Week Issue 1345 Page 52

Coach & Bus Week Issue 1345 5th June 2018

Spafax Mirrors: providing the ultimate in safety


Winter is over and summer sun beckons. So from the depths of winter and hibernation come more people onto the roads – cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders to name a few.

The Government recently released figures that state only 3% of children currently cycle to school and 47% are taken by car, with the remaining 53% using public or school transport. A new initiative has been raised that is aimed at reducing obesity levels, increasing fitness and cutting down on unnecessary car journeys to help reduce air pollution in our towns and cities. It’s hoped that this will get more children and adults cycling to school and to work – and bring the accident rate down.

This in tum causes potential problems for the bus industry; an increase in cyclists and pedestrians means more potential hazards, leading to more accidents. One way the bus sector can prepare for this invasion is to make sure they have adequate visual awareness by fitting larger and/or wide angle minors. People waiting at bus stops or traffic lights to cross the road are certainly not immune from being struck by overhanging rear view mirrors; again, to protect both the public and the bus operator, Spafax Mirrors are available in bright yellow for increased visibility.

Nobody wants to be struck by a mirror – least of all one made of glass. All Spafax mirrors are made from unbreakable polycarbonate material, similar to spectacles. Many of the older vehicles used on local and municipal roads today have original mirrors or replacements.
Upgrading to the larger VM1 series not only results in a 100% increase in size, it also offers a wide r angle lens, helping to reduce blind spots through increased visual awareness. In return, the bus operator can benefit from a 10 year lens warranty – reducing their long tern, cost of ownership.


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