LED Lamps


SPAFAX LED Blue Spot Perimeter Lamp

Our Blue Spot Lamp projects a Blue Spot perimeter as a visual warning of the vehicle’s danger zone ahead or behind in the direction of travel.

SPAFAX LED Red Line Perimeter Lamp

Our Red Line Lamp provides a visual warning for pedestrians in the vicinity of mobile equipment. The product projects a red perimeter line as a visual warning of the vehicle’s danger zone, offering safety enhancement by increasing pedestrian awareness


The SPAFAX Premium Worklamp utilises the solid state, maintenance free long-life LED technology. Our Worklamp offers floods the work area with light optimizing safety.




A pioneering commitment to visual safety and product quality has always been at the very core of our business, resulting in our unsurpassed knowledge of unbreakable mirrors. Our Safety Lighting Systems, embracing warning beacons, directional LED’s and lamps further extends the choice of SPAFAX rugged, high-performance, quality visual warning products. Applications include Airport, Agricultural GSE, HGV, Construction, Emergency Services, Material Handling

LED Lamp Products

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