mirror arms

SPAFAX Mirror Arms

From light and medium duty mirror arms to our Hi-Performance, super-lightweight, fuel-efficient T6 Series, SPAFAX offers a variety of superior rear view mirror mounting solutions for commercial vehicles of all types.

With infinitely adjustable hub angles, tube configurations and options for wiring and connectors of all types (standard to MIL Spec), we specialise in designing bespoke solutions, configured for optimum vision, performance and safety.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

MA22 T6 Series

The MA22 aluminium series provides heavy duty, high performance solutions in a versatile weight-saving indexable assembly.

MA Series

The MA series offers a wide range of indexable solutions providing robust and secure mirror and camera mountings for almost all vehicles, even at high speeds.

SPAFAX MA Series Mirror Arm

KVA Series

The KVA Series are designed for Class V and Class VI kerb and front view applications and where secure mirror mountings are required for supplementary vision.

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