VM4 Series


EC APPROVAL: Class IV and V – VCA Approved R46

VM4 series options include black and yellow body colours, heated, articulating and motorised operation.




SPAFAX is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s best selling range of unbreakable commercial vehicle mirrors. Specifically engineered for longevity and guaranteed against lens breakage for ten years. SPAFAX VM Series mirrors won’t break, shatter or splinter. Providing the ultimate in safety for drivers, operators, pedestrians, service and military personnel.

The SPAFAX Mirror Lens

SPAFAX mirror lenses are manufactured from injection moulded optical grade polycarbonate and are guaranteed against breakage for ten years.
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The SPAFAX Mirror Body

Our mirror bodies are produced by moulding specially toughened UV stabilised low temperature polypropylene and are designed to minimise vibration and to cut down wind buffeting.
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The SPAFAX Mirror Clamp

The SPAFAX patented mounting clamp, in keeping with all SPAFAX components, is designed and manufactured for longevity and ease of use, ensuring rapid attachment to the widest possible variety of vehicles and equipment.
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VM4 Products

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