Forklift Materials Handling




Comprehensive, robust and cost effective

Moving loads in confined warehouse environments can be extremely hazardous and reliable vision and warning systems are therefore essential for the safety of forklift operators and all personnel.

Comprehensive, robust and cost-effective, SPAFAX safety solutions are increasingly selected by the world’s leading manufacturers and operators of materials handling equipment.

Lighting Solutions

Our range of certified unbreakable mirrors, configured with our indexable mirror arms, ensure excellent vision and a safer working environment. SPAFAX R65 Amber warning beacons in conjunction with Blue Spot and Red Line lamps highlight a vehicle’s operating danger zone and act as a warning to personnel in the vicinity. Our working lamps flood the working area with light, whilst our maintenance-free Directional LED indicators, with multiple flash patterns, ensure the correct vision and both visual and audible warning are achieved.

Forklift Materials Handling Applications
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