Off-Road and 4x4

Fitted as standard to the British Army’s fleet of Land Rover Defenders, derivate models and their successors, the SPAFAX VM2 and VM3 Series unbreakable mirrors are the indispensable extra for 4×4 and off-road vehicles, providing assured vision in the most demanding conditions. 

Ultra-secure fitment

With our bespoke VM6 mounting kit for ultra-secure fitment to ball joint arms, 12 and 24 volt heated options, Work Lamps and Directional LED’s, you’ll be ready for action day and night, on and off the beaten track.

Off Road Landrover Defender Applications
These mirrors are bigger, stronger and have a more clear image than the original Defender mirrors. They also come heated if you choose for that option, like I did! I absolutely love them, and personally, I think they look better than the originals! They’re even more square, if that’s even possible! 🤪👍🏼 Oh, and they have a 10 year guarantee against lens breakage!

FREE Landrover Defender Ball Joint Adaptor Kit when you buy a VM2 or VM3 Series Mirror

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