Truck, HGV & Commercial Delivery Vehicles

Effective all-round vision for HGV’s and commercial vehicles is imperative for the safety of every road user and pedestrians alike. SPAFAX provides a complete range of certified unbreakable mirrors, camera systems, lighting and audible warning devices to ensure operator visual awareness and safety.

Fit it and forget it

Available in a variety of certified designs, with heated and motorised options, our unbreakable mirrors are particularly suited for HGV fleets, operating in confined spaces, where assured vision is essential and where mirror breakage is common.

Fit it and forget it. SPAFAX unbreakable mirrors eliminate the need for stock, cut vehicle downtime and can reduce annual replacement costs to nil, which in combination with our camera systems, safety lighting and reversing aids, promote a safer operating environment.

Truck HGV and Commercial Applications

See what you're missing!

The VM5 mirror has been designed to offer vision over areas not covered by most existing kerb mirrors. Tests by Loughborough University have highlighted the advantage of the Spafax mirror and how eliminating blind spots has the potential to reduce accidents. 

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