CH02 Wiring Harness for Spafax Motorised Mirrrors

For Use with Spafax SW02 and Spafax Motorised Unbreakable Vehicle Mirrors



Metal Parts

Mild steel

Switch Positions

Left and Right

Switch Colour

Black with Illuminous position arrows

CH02 Wiring Harness for SPAFAX SW02 Double Switch and SPAFAX Motorised Unbreakable Vehicle Mirrors

SPAFAX is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s best selling range of unbreakable commercial vehicle mirrors. Specifically engineered for longevity and guaranteed against lens breakage for ten years. SPAFAX VM Series mirrors won’t break, shatter or splinter. Providing the ultimate in safety for drivers, operators, pedestrians, service and military personnel.

  • Quality Assured: ISO 9001:2015
  • Materials: Polypropylene
  • Metal Parts: Mild steel
  • Length: 2.8m
  • Wiring: Diagram available upon request
  • Colour: Black

Use your CH02 with a SPAFAX SW02 and SPAFAX Motorised Mirrors.

SPAFAX unbreakable mirrors are available in a multiplicity of designs providing the ideal solution for almost every commercial vehicle applicationFit it and forget it – SPAFAX VM Series mirrors eliminate the need for stock, cut vehicle downtime and reduce annual replacement costs to nil. The economies achieved through fitting SPAFAX mirrors are outstanding and the operational and environmental benefits compelling. In today’s demanding economic climate these factors make SPAFAX the clear choice for commercial vehicle operators and original equipment manufacturers the world over.

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