SPAFAX Amber Warning Solutions

NEW Safety Products from SPAFAX


SPAFAX now offers an extensive range of robust high performance safety products including Certified lighting, Audio warning systems and heavy duty, IP69K wireless explosion-proof camera systems recently launched at this years DSEI 2021. This is in addition to our internationally celebrated range of unbreakable automotive mirrors and heavy duty mirrors arms.


Lighting Systems - Automotive Safety Solutions

Certified Lighting

A pioneering commitment to visual safety and product quality has always been at the very core of our business, resulting in our unequalled knowledge of unbreakable mirrors. Our Safety Lighting Systems, embracing Beacons, Directional LED’s and Lamps further extends the choice of SPAFAX rugged, high-performance quality visual warning products. Applications include Airport GSEAgriculturalCommercial HGVConstructionEmergency Services and Forklift Materials Handling.

LED Amber Warning Solutions

The SPAFAX R65 LED R10 Certified Beacon range utilises solid state, maintenance free long-life LED technology. Available in 5 standard mounting options with single, double and quad R65 flash patterns, our premium performance range of beacons is designed for a multitude of vehicle applications where visibility, reliability and safety are of paramount importance.

SPAFAX Directional LED’s

The SPAFAX Low Profile R65 Directional LED’s share the same LED technology as our range of LED Beacons, ensuring long service life and maintenance free operation. Available in 3 powerful variants, our premium, high-performance Directional LED’s offer a choice of 19 flash patterns, ensuring superior warning performance.

SPAFAX LED Blue Spot Perimeter Lamp

Our Blue Spot Lamp projects a Blue Spot perimeter as a visual warning of the vehicle’s danger zone ahead or behind in the direction of travel.

SPAFAX LED Red Line Perimeter Lamp

Our Red Line Lamp provides a visual warning for pedestrians in the vicinity of mobile equipment. The product projects a red perimeter line as a visual warning of the vehicle’s danger zone, offering safety enhancement by increasing pedestrian awareness


The SPAFAX Premium Worklamp utilises solid state, maintenance free long-life LED technology and floods the work area with light optimizing safety.

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Audio Warning Technology - Automotive Safety Solutions

Audio Warning Systems

Our popular warning alarms include options for multiple warning messages, programmable bespoke messages and white noise, with night-silent and mute functions. Our SMART alarms incorporate self-resonating circuitry, which constantly measures the ambient noise and automatically adjusts the sound output accordingly, thereby reducing noise pollution. Sealed against dust and moisture, vibration resistant and housed in a tough reenforced body, our R10 certified warning alarms provide reliable quality and performance, with fully waterproof options to IP69K.

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Camera Systems - Automotive Safety Solutions

Camera Systems

SPAFAX high-definition camera systems provide users with reliable, robust and proven vision solutions for a broad spectrum of applications, vehicles and industries. Tailored for a variety of commercial applications, our camera systems inspire operator confidence, whilst delivering safety and protection for those around. A choice of wired and wireless systems, waterproofed to IP69K, are available and with impact resistant and explosion proof options, performance and safety are assured.

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In the same family ownership since its inception, SPAFAX has maintained its position as a leading and uniquely innovative force within the International automotive sector for more than 80 years. Our products are designed for ease of installation, operation and maintenance with a build quality inspiring confidence and ensuring safety and long service life. SPAFAX works closely with our customers worldwide providing thoroughly engineered, safe and economic solutions, tailored to exceed the most demanding requirements.

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